Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Radio Wednesday : FAITH

produced by ken and amy

(warning : some adult language)

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photo by ken
title: guiding light

table of contents & credits:
intro: wednesday's slave (addams family values) 00:00
faith (george michael) 00:20

timo on faith (tim and ken) 01:01
if i ever lose my faith in you (sting) 03:33
suspend disbelief (ken and tim) 03:54

if i ever lose my faith in you (sting) 04:26
we don't know what we're doin (trust me) 05:06
a little less conversation (chris daughtry) 05:15
the junk on our shelves (dr. michael roizen) 05:35
give us your huddled masses and we'll give them potted meat (ask) 05:44
lean on me (bill withers) 07:38

it's spider season (amy and byron) 09:07
queen bee (a star is born) 13:17
spider season continues (amy and byron)
that's all right (elvis presley) 14:17
i dyed my hair today (amy and ken)
mojo (u2) 15:22
sexy grit streak (amy and ken) 15:44
it's the way i feel (remy shand) 17:27
walk thirty minutes a day (dr. michael roizen) 18:47

i might like tennis shoes that look like my toothbrush (amy and ken) 19:03
special needs (the naked chef) 21:35
i love you, God (selina and amy) 21:40
love is the answer (england dan and john ford coley) 22:57
i am complete in Him (amy and byron) 24:02
tribute (tenacious d) 25:33
i don't know what i'm upset about (amy and byron) 26:06
all aboard (toy boat) 27:09
circle of friends (edie brickell & new bohemians) 27:15

when people disappear it pushes my abandonment button (amy and selina) 28:00
even now (barry manilow) 28:29
i've been getting the icing and not the real cake of love (amy and selina) 28:59
hearts and bones (paul simon) 31:48
stop making up stories (amy and selina) 32:20
here's where the story ends (sundays) 34:11
when i read these glib words to me i feel pain (amy and selina) 34:28
airbag (radiohead) intermittent 35:47 / 36:30 / 37:08 / 37:53
Lord you need to transform this in me because i can't do it by myself (amy and selina) 38:01
nothing fails (madonna) 40:17
i'm in a pit (amy and selina) 42:00
free from bondage (joyce meyer) 42:38
free (donovan frankenreiter) 43:04

a punching bag, some bongos and a beret (amy and byron) 44:13
cinco de mayo song: ay yi yi yi (amy) 45:25
i was wanting her to own up to some bit of responsibility for my pain (amy and selina) 45:41
miracles (jefferson starship) 46:34
i understimated myself (survivor) 47:35

i'd try to catch crabs (amy and ken) 47:47
down under (men at work) 48:13
i think it's some kind of paste you get down under (zoey and leo) 48:24
down under (men at work) 49:04
rocky gets dressed (amy, shuggie, ken) 49:15
gonna fly now (bill conti) 50:30 / 51:03
gimmie more (ask) 51:38

total time: 51:48

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