Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Radio Wednesday : FREEDOM

produced by ken and amy

Listen to this podcast HERE:

warning: some adult language

photo by ken

wednesday is anything can happen day (angel heart) 00:00
freedom medley: 00:05
redemption song (bob marley) / the red telephone (love) / help me (joni mitchell) / the crystal ship (doors) / freedom (richie havens) / freedom (jimi hendrix) / freedom 90 (george michael) / think (aretha franklin) / everybody wants to rule the world (tears for fears) / don't dream it's over (crowded house) / desperado (eagles) / me and bobbie mcgee (janis joplin) / i'm free (who) / and when i die (laura nyro) / disappear (inxs) / spanish bombs (clash) / sing our own song (ub40) / walk on (u2) / fly like an eagle (steve miller band) / blowin' in the wind (bob dylan) / redemption song (bob marley) / guinnevere (crosby stills & nash) / if you love somebody set them free (sting) / free (donovan frankenreiter) / i'm free (soup dragons) / ain't nobody (chaka khan) / america (neil diamond) / power of goodbye (madonna) / beautiful loved and blessed (prince & tamar) / let robeson sing (manic street preachers) / allentown (billy joel)
timo on freedom (ken and tim) 03:44
everybody wants to rule the world (tears for fears) 06:03
free from the heaviness (amy & marcia at tivon) 06:42

you're so vain intro (carly simon) 07:35
you don't have any secret dark thoughts? (amy & ken) 07:54
you're so vain outro (carly simon) 08:18
free from fear of cutting my hair (amy & byron) 08:26
boundin' (bud luckey)
free from fear of cutting my hair 2 (amy & byron) 11:26
da ya think i'm sexy? (rod stewart) 15:08
free from a sense of urgency (amy & ken) 16:22
hollywood (madonna) 18:14

free from distractions, bobbles, and trinkets (amy & ken) 19:09
muskrat love (america) 20:04
mysterious and snuggly muskrat love (amy & byron) 20:29
the chops and waggles show / sharing the spotlight (zoey & leo)
free from having to compare & compete (joyce meyer) 26:20
applesauce pancakes (amy)
free to have limits & free of the need to impress others (joyce meyer) 27:16
free from people who tax my senses (amy & selina) 27:51
free from caring what people think (joyce meyer) 28:52
da diggy donk donk (ask) 29:00

FURK: it's not work if you have fun (ask) 29:56
what will you do with that freedom? (braveheart) 31:17
oh those pictures are so beautiful (amy & ken) 31:29
while you see a chance (steve winwood) 32:37
free to ride our machines (the wild angels) 33:13
revolution (the beatles) 33:27
road to freedom (g.w. bush) 33:42
what you're talking about is bondage not freedom (dr. robin) 33:51
free your mind/revolution (the beatles) 34:12

free from fearing forces of darkness (ask) 34:32
sunday shining (finley quaye) 36:36
i'm scared (ask) 37:29
fear no evil /sunday shining (finley quaye) 37:40
free from the illusion that i am my meatsuit (amy & byron) 38:00
our house (madness) 38:38
free from dusty clutter (amy & ken) 38:50
brian & robert (phish) 40:34
free to reform rearrange & readjust (amy & ken) 41:21
in the sun (joseph arthur) 43:19

free to cooperate (amy & ken) 45:15
free to confront (joyce meyer) 48:13
everybody gets what they've got coming (amy & ken) 48:32
spinning wheel (blood sweat and tears) 49:37
free from addiction, self pity, and rage (joyce meyer) 50:02
learning where we are not free 1 (amy & selina) 50:27

free to trust God completely (joyce meyer) 54:11
learning where we are not free 2 (amy & selina) 55:26
freedom is self control (joyce meyer) 55:50
learning where we are not free 3 (amy & selina) 55:54
beautiful boy (john lennon) 59:37
mattie's final words (amy & byron) 60:06
beginnings (chicago) 64:32
was i dreaming that? (zoey & leo) 69:11

total time: 69:22


selina said...

wow what a show! i loved this latest episode. it was moving and funny and well i'm describing words. but know my heart is full and my mind is sparked after hearing this.
love, s

selina said...

oops i meant to say "i'm outta describing words" ;)