Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Radio Wednesday : TRUTH

produced by ken & amy

Listen to this podcast here:

digital photo by ken
title: the dancers

contents/credits (copywrited material in pink )
sweet creme wednesdays... (alicia keys)
the truth with timo (ken & tim)
truth medley
loud tv really causes me distress (amy & byron)
golden (jill scott)
i don't really want to have pain in my feet today (amy& shuggie)
golden (jill scott)
a golden moment (amy & ken & shuggie)
golden (jill scott)
what did God say when you asked him why? (amy & byron)
what is this situation here to teach me about myself? (oprah)
bono is lonely (amy & byron)
so lonely (the police)
giggle-boo-boo-boo (shuggie & grammy & ken)
do your eyes light up when they walk into the room? (oprah)
you no like closed doors... (amy & ken & shuggie)
grace (u2)
...me no like scary music (amy & ken & shuggie)
wonka, you've gone far enough! (willy wonka/gene wilder)
cross of changes (enigma)
sweet lullaby (deep forest)
we're afraid we won't have enough for ourselves (dell)
no woman no cry (bob marley)
thanks bob... i think cuss too much (amy & ken & shuggie)
you've got to grab the audience by the... (rod stewart on american idol)
she's already a little monkey (amy)
neighborhood (david byrne)
big girls don't need binkies (zoey)
people need some hugs (amy & byron)
interupting cow (ken & amy)
a horse with no name (america)
gonna go see some horses (amy & ken & shuggie)
a horse with no name (america)
they shock horses don't they? (amy & ken & shuggie)
a horse with no name (america)
teeny signs (amy & ken & shuggie)
a horse with no name (america)
you are being tested (amy & ken)
lebanese blond (thievery corp)
why don't we just listen back and see what the truth is (amy & ken)
be careful of what you say (cnn)
my inner finger wagger is hurting my relationships (amy & ken)
ice cream (sarah mclaughlin)
feedback is helpful (amy & byron)
america respects honesty (simon cowell)
i'm being tested right now (amy & byron)
take it easy (eagles)
(holy moses) ok we've gotta rewind it and hear it again (zoey)

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