Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Radio Wednesday: WOMEN

Ken and Amy discuss the first time River (now age 6) realized the anatomical difference between girls and boys.


Intro to Wednesday: Saturday Night Live
"Just Another Girl" (Pete Yorn)
Remember the little boy who ran around with no pants on?
I'm glad to be a woman.
RESPECT (Aretha Franklin)
"True Ecumenicity" (Pastor M. Scott)

ecumenical : principles and practices especially as shown among religious groups

"True ecumenicity is not the bringing together of denominations. It is the unifying by the Holy Spirit. That means you could be sitting - Baptist brethren, Roman Catholics - you could be sitting in a whole room, and as long as the Holy Spirit has taken hold, there are no dividing lines, other than the dogmatic positions mankind has made for himself."

Holy Holy Holy (Sufjan Stevens)
No matter what you've done, God will forgive you.
Snookie on the cover of Rolling Stone
(God bless her Lord Jesus)
Cultural conditioning : the need for women to be "hot"
Change the Channel ("Hollywood", Madonna)
We're not looking deeper than the surface
Everyone's trying to sell you something
Theme from "The Price is Right"

... Sorry you stepped in poo, honey

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