Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Radio Wednesday: HAYSTACK

Amy, Ken and 6 year old River act goofy while we discuss baby Jesus on Christmas Eve.

It's your Birthday... Jackpot : (Wednesday intro; source unknown)
Away in a Manger (Sufjan Stevens & Friends)

River, what do you remember about the story of baby Jesus?
Something big is happening, folks. Pay attention.

Star of Wonder (Sufjan Stevens)
"Lord, you know my mess, you know what I've done... " (Pastor M. Scott)
Joy to the World, the Lord has Come! (Sufjan & friends)

and wonders of His Love, and wonders of His Love ...

"Jesus loves all of you guys!" (Drew Ryniewicz on "X-Factor")
Joy to the World (continued)

Baby Jesus was born in a haystack. The end. ;)

Music Credit:
Sufjan Stevens Presents
"Songs for Christmas"
Asthmatic Kitty Records,
2005 & 2006

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